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Anonymous asked "Hi, you seem like you'd be a lot of fun in person."

Haha thanks! I like to think I am, but I can’t say for sure haha

    Anonymous asked "Cammmiiieee, your so hot"

    thank you!

      This happened today yaaaay

      This happened today yaaaay


          Moon Suicide in “Spring Cleaning” - August 9 2014 on suicidegirls.com

          shot by me, marceline suicide!
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            Anonymous asked "Thank you so much for sharing the "should go pink" girls. Today, I woke up hating my body, for being so soft and squishy. I am recovering from an ED and feel very "fat" at the moment.. to see those girls.. they are just beautiful. So confident and strong, with beautiful tattoos, and especially important for me: photoshop untouched. It feels very good to see that other girls have "problem zones", too, that it's okay and real. It helps me to see my own "beauty" ... thank you so much for sharing."

            I’m glad I can help you feel better about yourself <3 and I’m so happy to hear you’re recovering from that ED, I’m super proud of you! Stay strong, beautiful <3